9 has no time for your philosophizing.

nine is tired of your crap

Nine was the sassiest. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to scroll past this gifset without reblogging.

Can we also appreciate Rose please? She’s like his back up sassyness and being all “Bitch please, not today.”

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Turns out Jesus is a BIONICLE fan. Who knew?




the awkward moment when deadpool is a better person than you


It starts out with Wade taking the subway, broke, and feeling down when a little girl walks up to him and asks “what’s the matter, Spider-Man?” and Deadpool decides to pretend he’s Spider-Man just to be nice to her. She then proceeds to give him HER OWN POCKET MONEY as thanks for keeping the city save. That’s the money he uses to pay for his food. It makes the whole comic so much better.



The universe as described by Shawn Spencer

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How have I grown up watching these movies, for some 30+ years and not pondered this…..

This is actually the best explanation I’ve heard so far and this new headcanon/thing has been accepted immediately. 

Thank you.




"the ice bucket challenge is stupid and it’s not really raising any money or awareness"




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would it kill Moffat to reference anything other than his own writing once in a while

He referenced The Girl In The Fireplace for most of the episode, shut up


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Fleshing Out Spherus Magna, Part 1: Immortality Devices


The natives of Spherus Magna do not naturally live for upwards of 100,000 years (8,333 years in our time). Their natural lifespan is closer to a few hundred years. However, prior to the Dreaming Plague, the Great Beings created what they called “immortality devices”: implants to slow down the natural process of aging. After some study and debate, the Great Beings made the devices available to the common people.

The following characters may have no need of immortality devices:

* Annona is above immortality devices, and simply exists, not subject to age.

* The Great Beings may have naturally longer lifespans than others, or they may have developed immortality devices for themselves early on.

* The Element Lords were infused with the nature of their respective element, and avoid aging by cycling through different manifestations of their element. If they were somehow stuck in their current form, they would be susceptible to age.

The following beings were implanted with immortality devices:

* Raanu, Surel, and Certavus were born just over 265,000 years ago [22,083 YA], during the time of Lein, and immortality devices were first developed during their lifetimes.

* Ackar, Sahmad, Tarix, Telluris, and Tuma were born and had their immortality devices implanted before the Dreaming Plague.

* Berix, Gelu, Kabrua, Kiina, Malum, Metus, Perditus, Strakk, Stronius, and Vastus were implanted with immortality devices prior to the Core War.

The following beings were never implanted with immortality devices:

* Lein died of natural causes before immortality devices were developed for the main population.

* Kyry is also very young. The Kyry who recovered a sample of energized protodermis alongside Raanu died shortly thereafter, but his name was reused. This explains why the two depictions of Kyry in official story material differ so drastically in appearance and characterization.

* Atakus, Branar, Crotesius, Fero, Gresh, Kirbold, Kirbraz, Scodonius, Tarduk, and the Hero Agori were all born recently, during the Age of Decline, and have never been implanted with immortality devices.

* All background Agori, Glatorian, Bone Hunters, and Skrall mentioned in Bara Magna story materials were born during the Age of Decline, and are not immortal.

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Fleshing Out the Matoran Universe, Part 5: Later History of the Matoran Universe


Our thrilling tale of the BIONICLE continues…

The Age of Advancement (60000 YA - 30000 YA) [5833 YA - 2500 YA]: In this age, the Brotherhood of Makuta rose to the occasion of enforcing order in the universe, and successfully stabilized all but the most dangerous regions. This allowed for a scientific advancement across the universe… and on Destral.

* 60000 YA [5000 YA]: The Order of Mata Nui brings about the Time Slip.

* 30000+ YA [2500+ YA]: The Makuta mutate themselves into gaseous lifeforms; subsequently, the Brotherhood begins a covert genocide of all Toa of Iron and Magnetism, due to the threats their powers pose to their new armor.

The Age of Adventure (30000 YA - 15000 YA) [2500 YA - 1250 YA]: Not unlike the age before it, this age was relatively peaceful. However, it did see a rise in dangerous Rahi attacks and Dark Hunter crimes, necessitating the acts of courageous Toa teams. This age gave rise to the thrilling career of Toa Dume and provided a wealth of new recruits to the Dark Hunters, as all citizens were encouraged to seek out their own destinies.

* 17000 YA [1416 YA]: Toa Dume saves the life of a Ta-Matoran crafter, Lhikan.

* 15000 YA [1250 YA]: Dume achieves his destiny, gives up his Toa power, and becomes Turaga of Metru Nui.

The Age of Strife (15000 YA - 3000 YA) [1250 YA - 250 YA]: This age marked the rise of the Dark Hunters as a universal power. As they established footholds in regions across the universe, the Shadowed One became prideful, and sought a base in Metru Nui. This could only lead to war.

* A secret alliance of Toa creates the Makoki Stone and places it in a fortress under heavy guard.

* The Dark Hunters kidnap Toa Varian and claim her as a trophy for the Shadowed One.

* 7005 YA [584 YA]: Lhikan becomes a Toa; Dume is somehow responsible.

* 7000 YA [583 YA]: The Makoki Fortress falls to Frostelus, and the Makoki Stone is stolen by the Dark Hunters.

* Metru Nui undergoes a technological revolution, refining its systems of transport, defense, and law enforcement.

* 5000 YA [416 YA]: Zaktan leads a failed rebellion against the Shadowed One.

* 4000 YA [333 YA]: Dark Hunters loose the Kanohi Dragon on Metru Nui, but the Toa Mangai are formed to combat the threat.

* 3500 YA [291 YA]: Toa Mangai Tuyet turns traitor, and the Toa Mangai battle for the Nui Stone.

* 3000 YA [250 YA]: After millennia of brewing tensions, the Toa/Dark Hunter War erupts, culminating in Toa Mangai Nidhiki’s betrayal and exile.

The Time of Twilight (3000 YA - 1000 YA) [250 YA - 84 YA]: This was the age in which the Brotherhood’s evil agenda became more clear to the Toa and the Order of Mata Nui. It also saw a general decline across the universe, as the Brotherhood began to pay less attention to preserving order and more to their own ambition.

* 2500 YA [208 YA]: Makuta Kojol raids Artakha and steals the Kanohi Avohkii; as a response, the Order of Mata Nui eliminates all who know the location of Artakha, save its residents.

* The Brotherhood secretly creates the Fohrok, but their effort fails.

* 1300 YA [108 YA]: Teridax’s Toa Hagah rebel and steal the Kanohi Avohkii, but are mutated into Rahaga by Roodaka.

* Metru Nui archivists conduct a top-secret study of the First Rahi, but find the beasts too dangerous to contain; Mavrah helps them escape the city.

* 1100 YA [91 YA]: Fearing discovery by Mata Nui, Teridax unleashes his virus on Mata Nui, then impersonates Turaga Dume and sends the Toa Mangai to their deaths.

The Dark Time (1001 YA - 1 YA) [84 YA - 1 YA]: The worst age yet, this was a time of war and strife across the universe, all the result of Teridax’s strike against Mata Nui. As the Great Spirit’s health deteriorated, so did order and law on all the lands.

* 1001 YA [84 YA]: Teridax brings about the Great Cataclysm, putting Mata Nui to sleep and wrecking much of the universe.

* 1001 YA [84 YA]: Voya Nui breaks off of the Southern Continent, and the Pit spills into the Black Waters.

* 1001 YA [84 YA]: Teridax summons the Visorak horde to occupy Metru Nui, but the Toa Metru repel the horde and ferry the Matoran of Metru Nui out of the known universe.

* 1001 YA [84 YA]: Makuta Icarax leads a brief conquest of the universe, but is stopped by Teridax.

* 1001 YA [84 YA]: The Dark Hunters go to war with the Brotherhood of Makuta.

* 900 YA [75 YA]: The Matoran of Voya Nui build the village of Mahri Nui.

* 500 YA [41 YA]: A squid attacks Ga-Koro; Visorak attack Metru Nui; and a hurricane descends on Voya Nui.

* 300 YA [25 YA]: Mahri Nui breaks off of Voya Nui, causing its surviving residents to lose their memories and smashing Ehlek’s fortress in the process.

* 250 YA [20 YA]: Zaktan discovers the contents of Teridax’s plan.

* 1 YA [1 YA]: Takua calls the Toa Mata to the island of Mata Nui.

The New Age (1 YA - onwards) [1 YA - onwards]: This age does not belong to the Matoran Universe; it will be lived on Spherus Magna, in the paradise to which Mata Nui and his people finally returned after 100,000 years of chaos, order, strife, peace, advancement, and regression.

* 1 YA [1 YA]: The Toa Mata arrive, defeat Teridax, and lead the Matoran back to Metru Nui.

* Mata Nui dies, but is revived by the sacrifice of Toa Mahri Matoro.

* The Order of Mata Nui reveals itself and goes to war with the Brotherhood of Makuta, successfully eradicating much of that organization.

* The Toa Nuva reawaken Mata Nui, and Teridax takes control of the universe, exiling Mata Nui in the Kanohi Ignika.

* Teridax travels to Bara Magna and confronts Mata Nui, but is killed in the ensuing struggle, rendering the universe uninhabitable and necessitating a mass immigration to the new planet of Spherus Magna.

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Fleshing Out the Matoran Universe, Part 4: Early History of the Matoran Universe


What is described as a “year” in BIONICLE is not directly analogous to a year in human measurements. Instead, a BIONICLE year is roughly equivalent to one month of our time. Thus, a journey of 100,000 BIONICLE years is a journey of 83,333 human years — still a long time, but much more manageable. Other references to time (such as weeks, days, hours, etc.) are more or less similar to our human measurements. The exceptions to this rule are any time periods specified as five years or less in canon story, such as the Toa Nuva’s adventures, the length of the Time Slip, and the number of years since Mazeka and Vultraz first clashed.

Over the 100,000-year journey of Mata Nui, the universe inside him passed through several ages. They are listed below, along with the notable events that accompanied them.

The Time Before Time (100000+ YA) [8333+ YA]: This time refers to the birth of Mata Nui and the Matoran Universe, when both were created by the Great Beings during the struggles of the Core War.

* Tren Krom rules the universe as the first Matoran labor in darkness to build their homes and citadels.

* Toa Helryx helps in the construction of Metru Nui.

* Artakha and Karzahni clash over the Mask of Creation; Artakha wins.

* The Kanohi Ignika is forged and placed under Voya Nui for safekeeping.

* A Great Being hides himself within the universe as a Matoran: Velika.

* 100000 YA [8333 YA]: Mata Nui is born, and the Great Beings remove Tren Krom from power, exiling him to a barren isle.

The Age of Beginnings (100000 YA - 95000 YA) [8333 YA - 7916 YA]: As Mata Nui’s journey began, the universe within him was still forming, and underwent several momentous changes in its founding days. This age was characterized by chaos and independence, as Toa, Makuta, Vortixx, and others struggled to find a secure purpose in the universe.

* 100000 YA [8333 YA]: The Hand of Artakha disbands, and the Order of Mata Nui is secretly formed in its place.

* 100000 YA [8333 YA]: Mata Nui founds the Brotherhood of Makuta and assigns them the duty of creating and maintaining Rahi and flora within the universe.

* 100000 YA [8333 YA]: Lesovikk’s Toa team is slain by Zyglak.

* The two Glatorian pilots in the Core Processor are slain by an unknown agent.

* Velika brings about a cognitive revolution among the inhabitants of the universe, rendering them truly sapient.

* A brief trading dispute stemming from Xia is ended by the Brotherhood, and the Vortixx agree to lower their prices.

* The Kanohi Dragon is created by Makuta Miserix and attacks Metru Nui, but is subdued by Toa; Takadox witnesses the event.

The Age of Six Kingdoms (95000 YA - 80000 YA) [7916 YA - 6666 YA]: Unable to tolerate the disorganized mess of the previous age, Mata Nui appointed six prime warlords to rule the universe and maintain order. This went poorly.

* 95000 YA [7916 YA]: Mata Nui manifests to six prime specimens and declares them his chosen rulers. These Barraki band together and begin to conquer the universe.

* 87000 YA [7250 YA]: The League of Six Kingdoms forms tenuous pacts with Metru Nui and the Brotherhood of Makuta.

* The Red Star’s sendback teleporter breaks down, and dead beings no longer return to the Matoran universe.

* 80000 YA [6666 YA]: The League of Six Kingdoms plots to overthrow Mata Nui, but is betrayed to the Brotherhood of Makuta and ambushed; the Barraki are taken to the Pit.

The Age of Turmoil (80000 YA - 70000 YA) [6666 YA - 5833 YA]: Without the rule of the League of Six Kingdoms, the role of enforcing order was taken up by the Brotherhood of Makuta — just in time to contend with the Great Disruption. This age also saw the birth of the Dark Hunters.

* 79500 YA [6625 YA]: The Matoran Civil War breaks out in Metru Nui over a trading dispute, beginning the Great Disruption.

* 79100 YA [6591 YA]: Jovan’s Toa team retrieves the Kanohi Ignika, travels to Karda Nui, and saves Mata Nui’s life.

* 79100 YA [6591 YA]: Makuta Teridax ends the war with the Archives Massacre, and Makuta Miserix assigns each region of the universe a Makuta overseer.

* 79100 YA [6591 YA]: Makuta Mutran relays information from Tren Krom to Teridax, who calls a convocation and seizes command of the Brotherhood.

* 79000 YA [6583 YA]: Metru Nui enters a golden age of peace and prosperity.

* “Ancient” and “the Shadowed One” conquer the island of Odina and form the Dark Hunters.

* 70000 YA [5833 YA]: Makuta Spiriah experiments on the Skakdi race, resulting in his exile and the quarantine of Zakaz.

Check back tomorrow for the other half of Matoran history!

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